Meal Plan Week 17 – 2023

Monday – Grilled Salmon & Grits w/ Peppers & Onions
Tuesday – Pan Fried Cod, Creamed Spinach, Corn on the Cob.
Wednesday – Beef & Bean Chili w/ Chips & Cheese
Thursday – Grilled Chicken Tenders & Pineapple Casserole
Friday – Date Night Out to Eat
Saturday – Bacon Mushroom Spinach Chicken
Sunday – You’re on your own & leftovers

Despite starting out the week right by pulling all needed proteins out of freezer, the week’s cooking plans fell apart after Tuesday. I needed to drive to Columbia on Wednesday evening. Thankfully, I knew ahead of time and was able to get the chili into the slow cooker in the morning for everyone to enjoy.

Thursday didn’t happen at all as I decided to go to a local event. Andrew brought home Real & Ready from the store and that was that. I’m so thankful that we all have access to quality ready-made food.

For date night we ended up going to Margherita’s for Mexican. The Guiterrez family are customers and we appreciate their food as well.

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